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Full Repairs, Partial Repairs, and Installations
Airecon technicians have the skills and experience necessary to diagnose problems without removing unnecessary equipment. We only repair what is actually broken, and we offer the most educated recommendations. All repairs are performed in accordance with mechanical codes and the manufacturer's recommendations. This ensures that your equipment will maintain their original warranties and function at a high performance level.

We are experienced with every piece: condensing units, compressors, evaporator coils, fan motors, electric components, and complete systems. We will recommend and design the type of cooling and heating systems that will be required for your home.

Ninety percent of mechanical failures are caused by improper maintenance. The failures are caused by things like slime, sludge, dirt in the evaporator coil and drain lines, dirt in condensing coil, mold, and ceiling damages. We recommend 2 visits a year for maintenance to clean systems (in the spring for A/C and in the fall for Heater systems). A carbon monoxide test should be routinely performed as well.

It is good to have installed UV light kill all kind of bacteria and mold. Ask our technicians about indoor air quality products. We advise homeowners not to try to clean their equipment themselves—first, for their own safety and second for warranty purposes. Some warranties may deny your claims if you cannot prove that a qualified technician has maintained your systems.

Our maintenance plan offers you 2 visits per year, and these visits will help you to prevent minor problems that may become expensive repairs in the future. It can also give you great discounts on repairs.

To schedule a Service or Maintenance Appointment please fill out the form below as we will get back to you as soon as possible!  Or feel free to call us for more details at 713-725-6101.

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